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Time Lapse Brew Day

Here is a time lapse video I did for fun on May 10th. I used my Samsung s5 phone with the default camera mounted to an Arkon smart phone tripod. Settings: Record Mode – Fast Motion x4 on shorter clips and x8 on the longer clips.

My brewery setup and the brewing technique (batch sparge) is pretty much just like Denny Conn’s. So instead of writing what I do, you can just go to his site. Only difference is that I do 40L.

The recipe for this batch is here.

Burning Barrel Brewery – Grain Crush

Here is a time lapse of my setup for crushing my grains.

I use a Porkert Mill, a 5 gallon water jug (with the bottom cut out) and a Craftman 1/2″ drill all mounted on a 35 year old Black and Decker Workmate. This setup will crush 9-10Kg of grain in about 3 minutes. I have heard that some have issues with the crush coming out as flour with a porkert, but I have never had this issue. I use a plastic bag to guide the crush into my mash tun or bucket.

I would not recommend cutting the bottom off of the water jug but to only cut a hole from the bottom as the bottom rim of the water jug will keep the structural integrity of the jug.

The Workmate is used as a table for my mash tun also. Once the mash tun is not needed, it is used as a table to hold my beer. But I will be honest, I typically do not drink while brewing.

Other than the Workmate and the plastic bag (o.0), I have been using this equipment since I started all-grain brewing back in 2004. I am not big on spending a lot of money on my brewery, so I make do with what I have on hand. If memory serves me correctly, this setup did not cost any more than $30 (maybe less) thanks to yard sales and a Sears gift card.