l to r: gary nightingale, steve butcher, tim gorman, doug mclarty, lee bardwell (photo jeff chase)

“First rate technical thrash along the lines of Coroner and Infernal Majesty; this is great music, as the guys are not “strangers” to some more aggressive riffage ala Slayer (“Hateful Rage”) or some fine speedy smashers (“Crack Down”). This is an encyclopaedia of expertly crafted thrash metal, highly recommended. ” – THE THRASH METAL GUIDE

I have been getting a lot of interest from friends about Holy Order, so I thought that I would put up some mp3’s of our music.

We started out in Fredericton NB with Steve (bass), Lee (guitar) and myself (guitar). Gary (drums) left a top 40 band out of Halifax NS and joined us. We tried out a couple of singers locally. Gary knew Doug (vocals) from his Halifax romp. Doug came up, growled for us and he was in.

We use to practice at least 5 days a week. At the time everything else was secondary and Holy Order was all we thought about.

We released two demo’s, self titled “Holy Order” and “Crack Down”.

These tunes below were originally released on the demo “Crack Down”, we later got a small deal with a label in Europe that released it as “Hateful Rage”.

hateful rage


eternal twilight


crack down

Below are songs from our first Holy Order (5 song) demo. This demo was recorded in one day in Gary’s basement by Danny Silk. This copy is taken from tape so if the quality isn’t to your liking then go buy a Madonna CD.

Oh and by the way, remember…there are more songs from the demo, I just don’t have them up. So we had 10 songs in total recorded.

sorry for the inconvenience

born into hatred