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Propane Burner and the Dreaded Yellow Flame

Well if you are like me and brew using propane, there will most likely come a time when your propane burner will start to emit yellow flame and not the cleaner blue flame that it should. Yellow flame will cause a lot of soot on your brewing pots. Thus making your brew day very, very messy. Yellow flame is caused by an obstruction in your intake. This could be a combination of many things like bugs, pine needles, matches etc. Regardless, it needs to be cleaned out.
Cast Iron BurnerFirst off, I removed the regulator hose from the burner. When removing the regulator hose from the burner, be sure to keep an eye on the spring that keeps the air intake shutter in place. You don’t want to lose that.

I removed the cast iron burner, much like the one on the left, from the burner frame and then proceeded to take the burner apart. I was even lucky enough to remove the inner burner face (that star shaped piece in the burner head). With my particular model, the burner face is held in with a hex bolt which is easier than a phillips head which I have on one of my other burners. I lightly hit the burner on a patio stone and the inner burner face came out, along with a LOT of debris.

I cleaned out the neck of the burner with a bottle scrubber and used steel wool to buff up the parts of the burner. After I put it all back together, I fired it up and lo and behold…the mighty blue flame emitted from the burner.

It can be the small victories that can brighten up your day.