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If you like it, buy it!!!

<rant>After reading that Century Media is in the midst of sueing over 7000 people for illegally downloading some of their releases, I feel like saying something.

I am not going to get into a debate of the illegal downloading of music. But I will say, support the bands. If you like the music, pay for it. I am not perfect, but I can tell you that I am much better than I was.

Albums, tapes, CD, etc. 25 years ago cost anywhere from $20-$30. Today that would be around the $40-$75 range. Thankfully that isn’t the case. Guess what, most CD’s are between $10-$15, some a bit higher. A lot of digital download purchases are even less, some are free (but again why wouldn’t you pay for it to support the bands). I recently bought a CD from a band in Vancouver, total cost to my door was $13.

Buy Local: Why wouldn’t you? Support your local music scene. So much interest has been on buying local food and other local merchandise and I feel that it’s important to project this to the arts. If you go to see a band, take $10 to buy a CD. Instead of walking up to a band member and say “You guys were AWESOME, you kicked ASS!” then turn around and buy more drinks at the bar, why not say “You guys were AWESOME, you kicked ASS!” then turn around and buy a CD or a T-Shirt. Merchandise is how most, if not all, bands survive…PERIOD!!!! And yes, I know…the venue is trying to make $$ at the bar, so it’s a double edged sword.

Over the last few years, my music purchases have been mostly local. Being in a band myself, I tend to buy CD’s and T’s from bands we play with and judging from what I see the other guys in the band wear for shirts and what CD’s are in their cars, they do also.

I don’t care if you are into Heavy Metal, Reggae, Blues, Soul, Disco, Country or whatever. If you don’t support the bands and scenes…there are no bands or scenes. All we will end up with is what the big labels want you to hear. That is right, souless, autotuned, glorified karaoke for all.</rant>

Holy Crap!!!

I have not posted anything in over a year. I suck!!!!

I have been crazy busy with life. I have not brewed in a while, but plan to soon.

I joined a band about a year ago call Hero’s Last Rite. We released a CD in October and all is going well.

Stay tuned as I blow the dust off the brewery very soon.



Well as I sit here in my office, sick as a dog, I see that I have not added anything to this site in almost a year. I should have to remedy this soon.

As you can see I have not posted any beer related items in quite some time. I have been pretty busy with work and home life over the last year or so.

The place in which I work went through some major changes over the last year. Plus, I started a band with some friends.

My hobbies have shifted a bit. I went from brewing beer every week to playing my guitar a lot. However, that being said, I do plan to get some beer on the go really soon. So stay tuned.

Summer Months

With summer here I don’t figure that I will be updating the site very often as I don’t brew much, if at all, this time of year.

Plus, I have been playing my Ibanez 540S-HH through my new Line 6 Spider III 75W a lot lately.



Registerfly BS

Well as you can see, I finally have my website back up and running. What happened?

I had my domain name registered through As it turns out, they have since been going through some legal problems and have shut down…sort of.

I went to their website to renew my domain and ran through the process of renewing it. Normal enough. They stated it might take a few hours to process.

The next day they had taken the money out of my credit card account, but no renewal notification. I inquired with their technical support about this issue. Here I started to clue in to the fact that something was wrong. I contacted the technical support a few more times as my domain was soon to expire. Never got a reply from technical support.

Next thing I know, my domain had expired. I tried to purchase it back and again they took my money out of my credit card account. Thing is, they stated that I had a credit from the last attempt of renewing my domain. HA!!!

I then tried to call. What do you know, I got a message saying that the phone number had been disconnected. Not good…

A quick google search brought me to this wiki site. It’s very interesting read, really. There is also this site about the court cases against the owners of

How did I get my domain and money back?

I got my domain back when I did a whois on my domain and notice that was the registrar of my domain. Apparently they took my domain with them when they split from Once I gave information that it was my domain, I was in the process of getting my domain back.

My next problem (all be it a small one really), I had canceled my credit card because could possibly take more money out of my account. So I had to wait for my new credit card to come in order to renew my domain.

As it turns out, the money that took out of my credit card was actually take out by Can you say fraud? I can. So, I managed to get my money back from my bank and the fraud stuff is in their hands now. is still up and running, but isn’t really doing anything other than taking money. So don’t go there thinking you are going to get a great deal on a domain. The only thing they do is suck!!!

What a pain…

site update

Ok, I am starting to get this going.

Have decided to go with blog software as it is much easier to rebuild and update the site.

Over the next few days I plan on updating the site and hopefully have some new stuff, but don’t count on it.