MY RECIPES (all grain only)

OB with Rye (added May 13, 2015) based from an Ordinary Bitter style guideline. I wanted a low alcohol session beer and the OB’s never disappoint. I added Rye just to add a little something different plus I used Chinook Hops (which I have never brewed with). UPDATE: To be honest, I did not like this beer at first. The hops were too overpowering, but after it sat in the keg four of five days, it mellowed out a lot and turned out great. So let this beer age for a few days in the keg if it is not to your liking.

Heinrich Märzen 2015 (added May 13, 2015) as I was brewing the mentioned OB below, I realized how much I missed brewing. While brewing the OB, I decided to pull out this recipe from 2005 and give it a go. This is a slight variation of the original but still amazing.

Ordinary Bitter 2015 (added May 13, 2015) It had almost been 3 years since I brewed last and I started back into the fold with my go to recipe for an Ordinary Bitter. I used S04 for 20L and 1968 for the other 20L. The S04 turned out far better than the 1968. I will admit that the 1968 is my favourite British Ale yeast, but I think it was stressed as I just smacked it and poured it in (I usually use a starter). It was a fresh pack and it swelled fully by the next day. Lesson learned. Still both were great. I also decided to dry hop the 20L with 1968.

Burning Barrel Black Bitter (added Nov. 6, 2012) This is a variation of the popular Black IPA’s that are being brewed now. I didn’t want the higher alcohol content of an IPA, so I based it from an ESB.

Burning Barrel Pint of Plain (added June 12, 2012) Brewed this for the Big Brew of 2012.

Ale Pine Pale Ale (added May 28th, 2012) NB Big Brew is coming up in 3 weeks. Needed to get my brew on. I added new pine growth at the 30min and 10min marks. I also added a bit of Magnum hops at various times during the last 30mins because I wanted to use it up. Bitter!!!!

Garden Hose Lager II (added Nov. 26th, 2011) variation of my original Garden Hose Lager.

Burning Barrel Porter (added Nov. 26th, 2011)

Strom von Schwartz Pilsner (added Nov. 5, 2011)

Earth on Helles (added Nov.5, 2011)

Canada Day Pale Ale (added July 30, 2011) ok been a long time since I have added to his, but this beer turned out amazing. One of the best I have brewed in a while.

Sinn Féin (added october 1, 2009) I made this a few years back for a Picaroons clone contest at a Big Brew. Wayne Love won first with a hands down great brew. Later, Sean Dunbar mentioned that my entry I was right behind Wayne’s. Figured I would post it, thought I had before but I guess not.

vmo I (added april 15, 2009) Had to make this as it’s my favourite style.

summer pilsner (added april 15, 2009) First brew in about a year. Tool a long break… I made this low in alcohol % so that I had a tasty treat for the summer.

burning barrel dunkel (added October 15th, 2007) Can you tell the brews that I make and can’t seem to find a clever name to put them? This is my first dunkel and I look forward to the finished product in a bout a month or so.

burning barrel oktoberfest (added october 15th, 2007) This is pretty much the same as my marzen, except I used different hops. This was my first brew day since the spring.

summer lovin’ lager (added june 12, 2007)

vienna no. 1 (added may 6, 2007) I really enjoy the VMO style and haven’t made one in a while. Look forward to tasting this.

garden hose lager (added april 25, 2007) after a recent trip to Boston, I decided to try a Samuel Adams clone of their Boston lager. I had some at the brewery that was actually quite tasty. I also had their Russian imperial stout, which was probably one of the best brews that I had during my visit. The problem with the stout was that it was very high in alcohol and after 3 or 4 samples, I could feel it.

A friend came up with the name after talking about my brew day with him (Dave C). I had left my chiller outside on a cold night. When I put it in the boiling wort at the final 15 minute mark, it must have burst from the temperature change. So, when I turned on my water to run through the chiller, water came rushing out of the hole in middle of the chiller.

burning barrel black (added march 15, 2007) my first try at a Schwarzbier. It turned out quite nice.

cap (added march 15, 2007) ok i actually didn’t have any 6-row, but it’s close enough

tim’s kitchen sink (added march 15, 2007) this was literally odds and ends of grain that i had left

chocolate bitter (added aug 11, 2006) i was trying to make something like propeller bitter and i think that this is it.

min van bo pils (added aug 11, 2006) made this at bsnbb IV. Had some, greatly appreciated, help from Jason S. and Kevin P.

dortmunder no. 2 (added aug 11, 2006)

ordinary bitter (dry hop) II (added june 6, 2006) very nice bitter that was voted best of show at a local brewing event.

german pils avec rye I (added may 17, 2006) when i racked this beer to secondary, i knew it was going to be good.

flanders pale ale (added may 17, 2006) decided to brew a beer on rememberance day.

burning barrel vienna (added may 17, 2006) this beer is very close to the märzen…very tasty.

dortmunder no. 1 (added oct. 4, 2005)

heinrich märzen (added oct. 4, 2005) “Here’s how good the beer was: I think that if you travelled to Munich for Oktoberfest, and were given a litre mug of beer that was not quite as good as this beer, you would be a happy camper…” – Daniel Chisholm

This beer also received best brew at hamptoberfest. This is a fun get together at a friends place to celebrate octoberfest.

ordinary bitter (dry hop) (added oct. 4, 2005)

german pils (added oct. 4, 2005) “Tim’s Pilsner was one of my favorites for it’s sheer drinkability…” – Alan McKay

piss thin light lager/cream ale (added july 6, 2005)

orange rye porter (added may 23, 2005)

lawnmower special (added may 23, 2005)

ip ale (added may 23, 2005)

doppelbock (added may 23, 2005)

helles belles (added may 23, 2005)

pilsner infusion (added march 13, 2005)

pilsner decoction (added march 13, 2005)

sticke infusion (added march 13, 2005)

sticke decoction (added march 13, 2005)

deadwood bitter II – (added jan. 16, 2005) pretty much the same as the original, except my efficiency is a bit better.

the burning barrel stout – (added jan. 12, 2005) this stout won a bronze medal at the 2005 March in Montréal homebrew competition.

alt – (added dec. 12, 2004)

st. nicholas’ manna – (added dec. 6, 2004) a christmas brew.

pond hockey pale ale II – (added dec. 3, 2004) I used 3 different hops this time around.

deadwood bitter – (added nov. 6, 2004)

pond hockey pale ale – (added oct. 31, 2004) All goldings hops. Well balanced ale.

timaroons – (added oct. 24, 2004) the recipe is daniel chisholm’s Picaroons Best Bitter clone. I took my gear out to his house and we both brewed the same batch. Lots of fun and look forward to doing it again.