picaroons – amazing microbrewery in Fredericton NB. Big supporter of home brewing, many thanks to them. I have yet to make an English Ale like any of theirs, well…ok maybe I have.

big axe brewery –  small craft brewery located in Nackwic NB. It is also a B&B with a great view of the mighty Saint John River. You could just stay there and drink beer, how great is that?

grimross – Grimross is a small craft brewery located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. “When asked what type of beer we craft at Grimross, I usually describe our beer as Belgian. But this is really a gross oversimplification of both our beer and what Belgian beer is.”

trailway brewing co. – craft brewery in Fredericton that specializes in bold flavourful ales brewed in small batches.

propeller brewery – am a big fan of their Extra Special Bitter (ESB), India Pale Ale (IPA) and London Porter. You will usually find some of this in my fridge (and homebrew)…unless I have consumed them all.

pumphouse brewery – great micro brewery in Moncton NB. Their S.O.B. is outstanding.

garrison brewery – nice beer brewed here. I really like the IPA, but don’t drink to many.

allaghash – I was really not a big fan of Belgian beer until a trip to Portland Maine with a visit to the Allagash Brewery. I have been converted!!! All Hail Allagash!!!


german beer institute – excellent (!!) info on german beer. Only problem is that it doesn’t work that great in Firefox. – great site on how to homebrew, everything is there. I now have the latest revision of the book. Highly recommended. – I use this software to keep track of my recipes.

members of barleyment – “We are Canada’s first and, to the best of our knowledge, only virtual homebrew club.” – is an online homebrewing resource and recipe database, complete with recipes, forums, brewing calculators, user journals, and more!

BEER TRAVEL – “We travel the world looking for the next great beer experience. While we do include visiting the sites and landmarks of the places we visit, finding that next great beer experience is the real focus of our travels. Visiting pubs, breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs; this is the essence of being a beer traveler.”