Month: September 2012

I Am Atomic Video available NOW!!!!

After an amazing weekend with Moment of Inertia and 2 Minutes to Maiden. Plus showing our video (successfully) in Fredericton, we are now  releasing our video for I Am Atomic to the public. Thanks to all that attended these shows. A big HLR growl to you all!!!!

I Am Atomic was directed by Tim Rayne. We were amazed with Tim and his crew and actors. So a big thank you also goes to Jeff Crawford, Mike Allain, Bunthivy Nou, Tim O’Neill, Rob Gemmell, Arthur Thomson, Nathalie Rayne, Terry Oakes, Karen Ruet, Jack Leblanc, Jacob Leblanc and Alysia LeBlanc. Without their hard work, this would not have happened!!!

If you like it, buy it!!!

<rant>After reading that Century Media is in the midst of sueing over 7000 people for illegally downloading some of their releases, I feel like saying something.

I am not going to get into a debate of the illegal downloading of music. But I will say, support the bands. If you like the music, pay for it. I am not perfect, but I can tell you that I am much better than I was.

Albums, tapes, CD, etc. 25 years ago cost anywhere from $20-$30. Today that would be around the $40-$75 range. Thankfully that isn’t the case. Guess what, most CD’s are between $10-$15, some a bit higher. A lot of digital download purchases are even less, some are free (but again why wouldn’t you pay for it to support the bands). I recently bought a CD from a band in Vancouver, total cost to my door was $13.

Buy Local: Why wouldn’t you? Support your local music scene. So much interest has been on buying local food and other local merchandise and I feel that it’s important to project this to the arts. If you go to see a band, take $10 to buy a CD. Instead of walking up to a band member and say “You guys were AWESOME, you kicked ASS!” then turn around and buy more drinks at the bar, why not say “You guys were AWESOME, you kicked ASS!” then turn around and buy a CD or a T-Shirt. Merchandise is how most, if not all, bands survive…PERIOD!!!! And yes, I know…the venue is trying to make $$ at the bar, so it’s a double edged sword.

Over the last few years, my music purchases have been mostly local. Being in a band myself, I tend to buy CD’s and T’s from bands we play with and judging from what I see the other guys in the band wear for shirts and what CD’s are in their cars, they do also.

I don’t care if you are into Heavy Metal, Reggae, Blues, Soul, Disco, Country or whatever. If you don’t support the bands and scenes…there are no bands or scenes. All we will end up with is what the big labels want you to hear. That is right, souless, autotuned, glorified karaoke for all.</rant>