Summer Pils

pilsThursday night I kegged my first beer in almost a year…YIKES!!! It was a German Pils that I made a few weeks earlier. I know, it only lagered for a very short period of time. But I really needed some beer in a keg as the local liquor store was draining my wallet with it’s limited selection and over priced brews.

I made the brew lower in alcohol % from the actual style guidelines, as my goal was to have a nice sharp bitter pils to my liking and be able to drink a few without the alcohol taking over.

My only worry when kegging this brew was that I didn’t do a check list to make sure that I had everything that I need to keg (CO2, dispensing line, clean taps etc). The dispensing line and taps were not a major worry. It was when I put the CO2 line on the keg post that I got worried…nothing or very little was coming out. It turned out it was just one of my valves that wasn’t opened. (Which reminds me to take my CO2 tanks in to get them refilled.)

After a few days in the keg and being fully carbed up to style, to my tastes, it was just what I was looking for. Crisp, dry and a nice hop bitterness bite that isn’t overpowering. Success…